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Chris Robinson

Guru Chris Robinson, Senior instructor of Silat, STACT, and other marital arts.

Chris Robinson

CEO/Chief Instructor

email: Chris@WilliamsburgDojo.com
phone: 757-880-2060

Chris Robinson is the owner and chief instructor for STACT and Williamsburg Dojo. He has studied various martial arts for over 40 years. This includes Karate, Krav maga, and Systema. Shihan Chris is certified 9th, Dan, in Hoshinjutsu, 3rd Dan Hoshiroshiryu Jutaijutsu, 1st Dan Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu, 1st Dan Shorin-Ryu, and holds 14 black belts in the arts. Chris is Vice President of the United States Sport Silat Association and is a nationally ranked Wasit/Juri (Referee and Judge). This organization is responsible for establishing national and international tournaments. Their goal is to spread the art of Pencak Silat in the United States and bring sport silat to the Olympics. Chris is also head of Satria Fighting Arts in the USA, founded by Steven Benitez from the UK. STACT is a combination of specific martial arts, mainly Hoshinjutsu from the USA, Bujinkan Ninjutsu from Japan, and the formidable art of Silat from Indonesia.
Chris has studied with respectable martial artists from around the world. He developed the STACT Fighting System by taking from these martial arts damaging techniques, applications, theories, and principles to form a more direct and comprehensive system. The STACT curriculum involves the study of psychology, weapons of defense, the anatomy of the attacker, ground skills, guard systems, defense against common attacks, strategy, improvised weapons, and rules of engagement; conditioning drills, throws, takedowns,
locks, strikes, and much more! STACT teaches these techniques and applies them to real-life aggression. Once understood these skills and principles will provide the knowledge necessary to help you avoid and/or survive the violent conflict. Chris has enjoyed teaching a wide range of students from soldiers ready to deploy, law enforcement facing new challenges, personal security specialists, business threat management professionals, to everyday citizens, and bullied children. STACT has provided services to Avalon, a shelter for battered women and children located in Williamsburg; CDR (Child Development Resources), Canon Virginia Inc. of Newport News, College of William & Mary, Newport News School System, and to City Employees of Williamsburg.
What STACT and Chris strive for is to create safer lives for clients and the communities they serve. Life is precious, so our pursuit of safety will be relentless and unfaltering. Our goal simply put: Good guys win, bad guys lose!